The Good Spirit REDA has completed a report on the impact of the Yorkton airport on the city and regional economy. The study was undertaken by the REDA for the City of Yorkton.

Read, print or download the economic impact study (in pdf format).

Human resource
solutions for employers

Examining the 3 Rs:
and Retention

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Saskatchewan’s labour market faces a broad range of challenges over the next decade.

To help overcome the employer challenges, a seminar dealing with human resource planning issues of recruitment, retention and remuneration was held in Yorkton recently, sponsored by Saskatchewan Community Resources & Employment, Career and Employment Services, in partnership with the Good Spirit REDA, the Cornerstone REDA, Tourism Yorkton and the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce.

The modules provided to participants are available here online for employers to read, print and download.

The Good Spirit REDA

Good Spirit Regional Economic Development Authority is a partnership of municipalities and community stakeholders working together to build a strong business base in the region.

Government, the REDA program and the community all play a key role in providing economic development services to the region.

As a provincially-funded program, the REDA enjoys a close working relationship with Saskatchewan Industry and Resources. Through a cost share program, the government provides funding to the REDAs. The REDA then provides guidance, advice and professional services to the Good Spirit Region.

The community provides direction, sets priorities and assists the REDA in tailoring services to meet their municipalities' needs.

Good Spirit REDA is committed to the enhancement of local business opportunities within the region while at the same time strengthening the existing business community.

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Meeting the needs
of the area

by Gord Bulmer
General Manager,
Good Spirit REDA

Welcome to the web site of the Good Spirit Regional Economic Development Authority (REDA).

Good Spirit REDA stretches from the Qu'Appelle Valley in the south to the Porcupine Hills in the north; from the Manitoba border in the east to Lintlaw and Insinger on the west side.

The spirit of cooperation in the area led to the name Good Spirit REDA.

Predominantly an agricultural area, this region is renowned for its grain production and some of the best purebred beef cattle in the province. Potash mining at Esterhazy is another of the region's major industries.

The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing in the area with hunting and fishing drawing tourists from across Canada and the US. In the winter, hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails attract enthusiasts from all over. A variety of museums and historical sites attract history buffs.

The region offers much in the way of recreational activity including camping, swimming, boating, hiking, cycling, gaming, baseball, curling, hockey, cross country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and ice skating.

Manufacturing in the area spans a wide range of products, from alfalfa pelleting to pork and grain processing.

Investors will find a vibrant business environment here. Tax incentives, affordable land and housing, and pleasant surroundings makes this region attractive for the location of business and industry.

The REDA is a partnership of municipalities and community stakeholders working together to build a strong economic base for the region.

REDA works closely with the Saskatchewan Economic and Co-operative Development. Through a cost-sharing program, the government provides funding to REDA.

Good Spirit REDA provides guidance, advice and professional services to members in the region. The community-based members provide direction, set priorities and assist the REDA in tailoring services to meet the needs of the area.

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